Exhibitor Help

With everything that needs to come together for a successful show, the power has to be right. Please, follow these suggestions to save money on power at your event!

  • If you’re not sure of the amount of power needed, overestimate to be safe. For example, we suggest going up to the next higher order level such as from 0-500 watts to 501-1000 etc. Your priority should be to avoid being charged Floor Rates, which can be 30 to 50% higher than Preorder or Discount pricing. Check out our Power Usage Estimator Guide to start calculating.
  • Bring your own Extension Cords and Power Strips; make sure that your extension cord meets the safety requirements of line item # 10 in the Client Contract/Rules and Regulations or See FAQ.
  • If your booth needs under carpet/floor power distribution, be sure to provide a completed floor plan.
    Don’t have one? Download exhibitor floor plan grids. All booths requiring power distribution will be charged for Equipment used and Labor. The minimum is 1-hour installation and ½ hour dismantling.

    Remember that a power distribution location point must be shown on the grid
    The size of equipment at this location is determined by your requirements; it may be a Duplex Receptacle Box or a Distribution Panel. For cost savings limit the total number of power drop locations where possible. Need help?
  • Need Cat5e or Ethernet cable distributed? We assemble custom lengths on site. Learn more here.
  • Design your display to utilize Standard Electrical Equipment so you don’t need “Special Connections” or “Special Voltages”. Interested in a custom cost savings electrical design? Contact us Today
  • Attention European Customers: Using the Standard European Voltage of 240 volts (1-hot, 1-nuetral and a ground) is considered a “Special Voltage” and can cost 3 to 4 times more for power in North America. Let us help you to reduce this expense.

    We can design and install the most cost effective Tradeshow Electrical system for you.
    Contact us Today
  • Be sure to check the Nameplate ratings of all Show Equipment, it’s generally located on the rear or bottom of the unit and it should be easily seen. It will give the manufacturer, make, model, voltage, phases, amps and or wattage. Check out our Power Usage Estimator.

    Our 120-volt utility prices are based on Wattage, if the equipment nameplate only shows Volts and Amps see below.

Wattage is simply the amount of electricity or power that the unit consumes.

Take the Voltage of the unit; multiply it by the Amps to equal Wattage.

Ohm’s law P = E x I

(P) Or Power is another name for Watts.
(E) Is the same as Voltage.
(I) Is the same as Amps.

So our formula for determining Watts is:

Volts x Amps = Watts

Here are a few examples using the formula above:

We have a compressor it takes 120 volts and it draws 8 amps.
120 Volts x 8 Amps = 960 Watts

Our set has a blower in it, the Nameplate says that it takes 120 volts and it draws 12 amps.
120V x 12A = 1440W

Special Connections

If you plan on bringing any equipment that will not normally plug into the wall at your home or office based on the North American standard of nominally 120 volt’s 20 amps or less 2-wire or 3-wire, you will need a “Special Connection”. Labor Charges will apply. Our minimum is 1-hour installation and ½ hour dismantling.

Equipment Voltages include:

  • North America 208 or 240 Volt (2-hot conductors and a ground)
  • European 240 volt 3-wire (1-hot conductor, 1-neutral and a ground)
  • 208/120 or 240/120 4-wire. (2-hot conductors, 1-nuetral and a ground)
  • 208 Volt Three Phase 4-wire. (3-hot conductors and a ground)
  • 208/120 Volt Three Phase 5-wire. (3-hot conductors, 1-nuetral and a ground)

Special voltages include

European 240 volt (1-hot, 1-nuetral and a ground), 380, 380/240
North America 480, 480/277

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Production Electriks standard cord connection for these voltages up to 20 Amps is a NEMA L21-20, for 30 Amps L21-30. Above 30 Amps, we suggest Cord to Bare Ends or Cam Locks from 60 to 400 amps.

Tired of endless connection fees?
Want to reduce costs? Contact us for Custom Adapters.

Advantages of custom adapters

  • Cost Efficient
  • Keeps your equipment intact.
  • No more cord caps being cut off.
  • They should eliminate connection fees due to labor.
  • Available in any Configuration, Voltage or Ampacity.
  • Faster Show Dismantle, no need to wait for an electrical disconnection.
  • No need for Tradeshow Electrician’s to access your equipment for a hardwire hook-up.

 Please Note: All Electrical Connections Shall Be Metered to assure correct voltages before final connection to equipment and energization.