Event Management & Consulting

Event Management and Consulting
You need more than just electricity to power your event. You need professionals.

We offer strategic, effective event management powered by our years of experience in the tradeshow and special events industry and our unique brand of service. From event development to promotion, from install to dismantle, we can do it all.

Professional associations, facility management, show owners: Call Production Electriks before your trade show, special event and before you build or design your exhibit and ask how we can save you time, effort, and money.

BEFORE YOUR EVENT: Pre-Event Services

  1. Event design. Making your event logistically sound and logistically safe – without skimping on the “wow” factor.
  2. Controlled egress for foot and vehicular traffic. Proper fencing to limit liability and facilitate flow.
  3. Tent and vendor placement. Strategically arranging your vendors for crowd control and to better facilitate your goals.
  4. Element placement. Includes stage placement, light towers for stage lighting or general venue lighting; talent trailers; bathrooms.
  5. Logistic pathways. Determining the best paths for cable ramps, power cables, and services routing. Consideration for equipment fueling during the event.

Please see more on Consulting Services below.

DURING THE EVENT: In-Progress Services

  1. On-site customer service: All of our Trade shows or Special Events come with Exceptional Service, period.
  2. Electrical standby: Includes on-site troubleshooting. We monitor all our shows.
  3. Continuous event management: Shows are at best fluid. It’s our job to address an issue before it becomes a problem and to reduce or eliminate any liability concerns.

We will also seize all opportunities for event improvement as it progresses.

AFTER THE EVENT: Post-Event Services

Total Event Review. Includes cost efficiency/containment analysis; addresses safety or crowd control concerns. How can we make the event even better?

“Our Goal Is Your Success”

It is our hope that our feedback towards your future success will help us develop a strong working relationship with you.

Streamline your show or event process. Save money. Improve capacity. Increase revenue. We can help.

  1. Cost-effective power solutions
  2. Planning for temporary structure use
  3. Reducing dependency on portable power units
  4. New event site/facility infrastructure design for increasing capacity and sales
  5. Determining power availability vs. need by working with your electrical utility provider