Power Solutions Customized to Fit Your Event and Budget Perfectly

When we say Custom Solutions, we mean two things: customized service and customized equipment.

Show management professionals understand the logistics of the industry. Whether it’s a trade show or a special event, they are complex – to say the least! Even a “simple” show needs an experienced team of professionals handling different elements that must come together successfully to create an experience for attendees. Intercommunication is key.

International and out-of-area exhibitors or show owners:

We can custom-fit a power solution that saves you money in adapters, parts, and people. Please see our section on Installation & Dismantling of electrical booths.

Our Partnership Program covers your entire event.

Get everything for your events in one place. We can power your trade show or special event. We can also set you up with:

  • Tents
  • Fueling
  • Staging
  • Security
  • Generators
  • Stage Lighting
  • Audio & Video
  • Tradeshow Decorating
  • Electrical & Civil Engineering
  • Outside Venue Lighting/Light Towers

Customized Service

Each show or event has different power needs. Every facility has different rules and regulations, power availability, and capacity. We will help you design, install, and dismantle a power solution that makes sense, while addressing all your specific needs and working within your budget.

Facility-specific concerns that we help you address include:

  • Licensing and insurance requirements
  • Power and electrical requirements
  • Layout and element placement
  • Regulation compliance
  • Space
  • Cost
  • Time

Custom Equipment Assemblies

Chances are, you have a myriad of electrical elements for each show, event, or exhibit.  What if each one had different voltages and connectors (they usually do)? What if you’re traveling and each new event site had different power configurations? Labor charges at each venue to adapt your equipment to their cord cap configuration? How do you make sure you’re getting enough power? How do you know that you’re not paying for more electricity than you need?

What if you could just tell someone what you need and have them assemble the equipment for you? Because you can.

  • We assemble custom equipment, such as Electrical Panels, Transformers, Cable and Cord configurations to your specifications.
  • Let us design your exhibit electrical system to reduce your total cost at the show site.
  • Adapters are assembled to your specific requirements.

We can help you:

  • Save on connection fees at different venues
  • Operate economically and reliably

Call us today. Tell us what, where, and when you need it. We’ll customize a solution for you.