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Adriel Brunson, Producer

Production Electriks came highly recommended and now I know why.

Yes, they surveyed the venue before the event to ensure they could meet our needs. Yes, the installation of electrical service for our event was handled professionally. Yes, we had more power than we needed and all the equipment performed perfectly. But that’s what I expected based on the recommendations I’d been getting about them.

What I didn’t expect was David stopping by several times during the week long event to check on how things were going. That level of customer service is rare.

Even more rare was opening the final invoice and seeing they came in UNDER their quote.

I’m not saying that Production Electriks will always beat their quote, but I’m positive they’ll get my business from now on. Service this good is hard to find at any price.

Automotive Mobility Solutions

Marilyn Myers

The successful outcome of an event with the scope and complexity of NMEDA’s Annual Convention can depend greatly on the partnerships developed in the planning process. A key resource in this regard has been our relationship with Production Electriks, whose assistance has effectively allowed us more time to focus on the internal aspects of programming and promotion and provided exceptional savings on electrical services to all of our exhibitors. Production Electriks provides excellent service and value and we will always use their services when applicable to our venue.