Trade Show and Event Installation & Dismantling Services

Electricity is the foundation upon which every other element in your show rests. It is essential that you get it right, but you also shouldn’t have to think about it once it’s in place.

Production Electriks provides full-service temporary power distribution services.

From technical design phase to installation and dismantle, we are there from start to finish.

Safety, professionalism, and experience are critical to the success of your show. Do not settle for less than Production Electriks.

Exhibitor Electrical Services

Ours goals are safety, efficiency, trouble-free execution, economical power distribution, aesthetic beauty, and maybe even a little fun when it calls for it.

  • Electrical power supply and outlets to display areas, booths, stages, and other public areas
  • Electrical power source distribution and connections to dimmer boards, switches, sound equipment or lighting
  • Special lighting for displays, registration areas, booth areas, live models, sales demos and presentations including live entertainment productions
  • Distribution of power to outlet locations
  • Temporary generator and transformer installation and hook-up
  • Electrical, overhead truss, and motorized hoists
  • Under-carpet distribution

All of our equipment is top-notch and our technicians are experienced, skilled, and passionate about the unique electrical requirements of your event.

We do more than just install show power — please see our Pre-Event, In-Progress, and Post-Event Services on our Consulting & Management page. For specifics on how we power and light up your show, read on below.

Ordering Services

You will need to know the following when ordering electrical services.

  1. Order electrical quantity by watts and amps.
    1. Check the Power Estimator.
    2. Be sure to read the FAQ for rules and regulations.
  2. Specify outlet locations. You will need a schematic of your booth or exhibit.
    1. It can be as simple as drawing your layout on a provided floor plan grid.
    2. The main drop location will vary by booth.
    3. Booth types are: inline booths, peninsula booths, back-to-back peninsulas, and islands.
    4. Normally, all electrical outlets will be placed on the floor in back of booth.
    5. Island booth outlets may be brought to one location at our discretion if no information is provided.
  3. Add up your electrical needs.
    1. You might have lighting fixtures, machines, and computers to add up.
    2. Depending on # of electrical items and where on the floor plan they go, we may need to make adjustments – sometimes on the fly.
    3. A 1500-watt, 120-volt duplex outlet is a standard household/office outlet.
  4. Some factors will influence whether we run power through the floor or do a ceiling drop.
    1. Booth configuration
    2. Power loads
    3. Budget (ceiling drops are more expensive than across-the-floor wiring)

Fill out our Custom Solutions Request Form to order services. Many of the questions you may have are likely routine questions for us, so please don’t hesitate to ask before filling out your form.

Labor Rates and Ordering Labor

Straight time is from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. All other time is considered Overtime. You may be able to schedule your labor on Straight Time. Check your show hour’s schedule.

Please call Production Electriks for a quote.

You will need to order labor if you need any of the following:

  • Under-carpet, in-booth, and booth-to-booth distribution of electrical wiring, including coaxial cable, twisted pair, Cat 5, etc.
  • Motor and equipment hook-ups requiring hard-wired connections
  • Outlets over 20 amps and/or with a voltage over 150 volts
  • Installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures
  • Power run to any location across the floor
  • Inspection of pre-wired equipment

Installation and Dismantling Services (I&D)

Show site installation and dismantle services, or I&D, is one of the centerpieces of our labor services. The planning starts long before you ever step foot into the venue, and we are there to coordinate and support all elements vital to the success of your exhibit or show.

We want to make your I&D as trouble-free and cost-effective as possible. Simply call us for an estimate on labor, and we will show how painless it can be.

Safety Considerations

Every facility has its own rules and regulations that must be adhered to along with the NEC, NFPA, and OSHA. Electricity is the main threat on the show floor. Attention must be given to the routing of cables and cords, the placement of panels or boxes, all with correct over-current protection. Addressing these areas will reduce liability and assure the success of your show.

**Only licensed electricians should install or dismantle the electrical system for your exhibit or show**

Call us as early in your planning phase so we can show you the safest and most cost-effective options. (407) 251-0413.

Special Considerations

  1. We address all technical, aesthetic, budget, and scheduling concerns to your satisfaction – and no less.
  2. We have long-standing relationships with all of our clients and many venues across Central Florida.
  3. We are knowledgeable about the electrical framework available within each facility.

Our Goal Is Your Success. Give Production Electriks a call. (407) 251-0413.
We thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Experience the Difference.