About Production Electriks

About Production Electriks

Production Electriks Is Built On Connectivity

We have built our company by making connections. Whether it’s wiring electrical elements together, or whether it’s communicating with people, we dedicate all of our energy towards it.

Every show, exhibit, and special event has a different set of requirements. It is our job and our passion to customize a solution to every one of those requirements.  We answer your technical issues and operate under the confines of your budget and scheduling.

If you have show, event, or exhibit that must succeed, call us at Production Electriks. (407) 251-0413.

What We Do

Production Electriks provides full-service power and electrical support for special events and trade shows throughout Florida.

We consult and contract with show owners, large venues, facility management, and professional associations to develop custom environments for:

  • Outdoor event tents
  • Special events
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Concerts

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded electrical contracting firm, part of a select few Electrical Contractors in the state that specializes in temporary power installations for special events.

  1. We help you plan the logistics of power distribution
  2. We help manage your show, event, or exhibit including in-progress fueling and on-site monitoring of your power & electrical set-up
  3. We install and dismantle your show, event, or exhibit (I&D)
  4. We rent power equipment to industry professionals

Why Choose Production Electriks

Production Electriks uses decades of experience in the special events and trade show industry to help you succeed.

“Our Goal Is Your Success”

  1. We are fully licensed and experienced electrical contractors with a thorough knowledge of all things electrical
  2. We have an unbeatable working knowledge of the electrical frameworks of major event facilities in Florida
  3. We build long-standing relationships with facility operators, show management, and everyone we work with

Most importantly, we absolutely love what we do. We get the kind of joy from our work that comes from being really good at it.

Service First: We don’t want the bottom line to dictate all our actions. If we focus on Service and take care of the client, the bottom line will tend to itself.

Exceptional Value: Our pricing is designed to help your show or event grow – because that’s how we both win.

Integrity: If we say it, we mean it.
We are building our business one satisfied client at a time.