13 Sep 2012

The Super-Amazing Spill-Proof…Transformer!


Who would have thought that something like putting the casters in a different location on our transformer assemblies would impress clients like they have, over and over again throughout the years? It’s not a surprise to us, of course. Transformers – big, lunky metal boxes that nevertheless need to be very mobile – have a way of taking spills because of their size and weight (and the fact that they are handled by humans).

Except for ours.

Due to a simple but brilliant design idea by Production Electriks owner David Weatherby, our transformers have never taken a spill. Not once in all the years we have been in business.


It may seem like something simple and insignificant, but it is an indicator of some important things:

  1. Years of experience have taught us the best way to do things, including making our tools work. We’ve designed our equipment to work easily for us and reliably for you. Our experience has also shown us the proper way to organize our work so that we clear scheduling hurdles with room to spare.
  2. Paying attention to the little things means a whole lot more when you consider that the logistics of putting together a show or exhibit is complex and full of things that can go wrong. When there’s an amazing show that needs to go on, or an exhibit that must be executed well because there are thousands of sales on the line, electricity is the last thing a show owner or exhibitor wants to think about. The lights need to stay on, the environment must stay true to vision, and the electronics and electrical elements just need to work. Like our transformers.

It’s not in our interest – or yours – to overinflate anything that we do. All we know is that we have found some of the best ways to do things because we love our industry and the work that we do, and we have been doing it for many joyful years.

People who have worked with us have been impressed, time and time again. Let us show you what a difference we can make for your show or exhibit.