Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

For Electrical, Production & Event Industry Professionals

Electricity can kill. We are not saying this as a scare tactic. It is a simple truth – any small mistake can spark a catastrophe. For this reason, we restrict our equipment rentals to industry professionals who are qualified and licensed with the proper insurance for the state of Florida.

Non-industry individuals and companies can still rent our equipment, but our thoroughly experienced and licensed technicians must accompany it.

Please contact Production Electriks at (407) 251-0413 and tell us your power requirements. Let’s discuss how we can help your event, exhibit, or show succeed! See Custom Equipment Assemblies below.

We rent equipment to:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Production companies
  • Associated professionals
  • Trade show, convention, and event facilities

…and all others upon proof of corresponding licenses and insurance. Production Electriks reserves the right to refuse equipment rentals to anyone for any reason.

For Non-Industry Individuals

If you are an individual trade show exhibitor, show owner, or other who is not an electrical industry licensee, we can assemble custom “Plug-and-Play” equipment for power and lighting for your exhibit, event, or show.

For your safety and others around you: **All hard-wire electrical connections or terminations are to be done by a licensed electrician**

Let us do it for you and save you technical and regulatory headache.

Equipment Available for Rent


  • Indoor/outdoor
  • 15 KVA ~ 150 KVA
  • Isolation and step-down

Fusible Disconnect Switches

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • 60A 240V to 400A 600V


  • 100~200 amp with main breaker: Type 1 and 3R outside-rated

Cable Ramps

  • ADA-approved
  • Regular Peterson and Checkers 5 channel

SOOW Portable Cord

  • For 100’ lengths we use 10/5 SOOW with 20A cord caps to reduce Voltage Drop
  • Shrouded Hubble connectors
    for safety
  • 12/5 flat for foot traffic or under-carpet areas.
  • Standard Lengths are 33′, 66′,
    and 100′


  • Banded cables sets and #4
    flat cables
  • Standard Lengths are 33′, 66′,
    and 100′
  • 200~400 amp cable sets
  • 100~150 amp cable sets



How Much Power Do I Need?

We try to make sure that you have all of the power that you need on-site before the start of your event.

Custom Equipment Assemblies

Don’t cobble together equipment — your safety and success are too important. We can make it work for you with a custom assembly.

Call Production Electriks at (407) 251-0413.

  • Disconnects
  • Transformers
  • Distribution panels
  • Branch circuit panels
  • Cable and cord assemblies
  • Fully customized to your specifications
  • Multi-level designs, from economy to industrial
  • Quality components by Hubble, Marinco, General Electric, and Square D

Customized equipment from Production Electriks will save you time and money over having to use different pieces and parts from different manufacturers.